GCMAS Airplane WingThe Piedmont Airport is a smaller airport that may require a connecting flight through a larger hub but is located very close to the university. It’s also a very easy process with regards to arrivals and departures.

Raleigh-Durham and Charlotte Douglas Airport are both much larger airports that serve as hubs for major airlines which in aid reducing costs, but arrivals/departures do take a longer period of time. Also, they are at a considerably greater distance from High Point and travel times can vary greatly depending on time of day as these are also major cities in the state.

Rental Cars / Rideshare Services

GCMAS 2023 Car Ride from UnsplashThere are rideshare services available from the Airport and within the city of High Point.

While High Point University is an urban campus, there are not a large number of restaurants in the immediate vicinity. There are a larger number of restaurants and similar amenities approximately 3-5 minutes away from campus with selections increasing as distance increases. Depending on the location of your accommodations and interests, a rental car may be of interest.

Free parking will be available for all conference participants and will be located across the street from the conference center.